How Dropbox Sign Helps Sales Leaders Close Deals Faster

Janice Yau
June 3, 2021
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Roadblocks and bottlenecks kill deals and cost money. In a competitive environment, your speed and ability to respond can be the difference between 'Closed-Won' and 'Closed-Lost'.

And, in a post-pandemic world where margins will be tighter, and customer experience will be a key differentiator, the sales process is under increasing scrutiny.

COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation efforts by several years and has seen teams dispersed all around the world finding new ways to work together.

In this operational environment, physical document and contract flows are no longer fit for purpose. And clunky digital tools that don't integrate into existing workflows can be disastrous.

Drafting and printing sensitive documents at home, shipping across the country or around the world, and then waiting for the signed copy to come back is expensive, inefficient, risky, and a terrible user experience for both customer and employee.

This is where Dropbox Sign comes in. As a legally binding, highly secure, and court-admissible audit-trail provider of digital signatures, we help sales leaders close sales faster - regardless of whether people are at home or in the office.

Let's take a look at six key features helping sales teams around the world close sales faster while providing a first-class user experience in the process.

1. Ready-made document templates

If you work in a fast-paced, low contract value sales organization, the chances are you're printing and shipping hundreds if not thousands of contracts a year.

Even if you're already using another eSignature solution, the challenges of working in this way are obvious: speed, accuracy, and repetition.

Dropbox Sign templates enable users to draft up perfectly formatted contracts that can be initiated into signing flows without having to worry ever again.

And, our business class features make it easy to add professional touches like branding, logos, taglines, and more to guarantee a first-class experience for users, prospects, and customers.

2. Open APIs and integration

As digital transformation efforts increase, technology leaders are forced to deploy new digital tools to ensure work keeps flowing, and the company remains operational.

Critical to that drive and fundamental to any technology's success is its capacity to work within your existing ecosystem and add value - rather than create another bottleneck where work grinds to a halt.

Dropbox Sign is designed with this in mind, and our API is incredibly easy integrate with the apps and tools you already use.

And the result? Amenify integrated Dropbox Sign into its Salesforce environment to deliver a 33% faster time to close and a 25% faster time to revenue recognition.

“We saw that Dropbox Sign integrated… easily into our technology stack,” explains Everett Lynn, CEO at B2B network Amenify.

“Dropbox Sign is ‘mobile-first’ and because we need to enable property managers and service providers to sign contracts and addendums on their phone 24x7, we found it to be a better fit.”

Intégration avec Salesforce

Plugging directly into your Salesforce ecosystem, Dropbox Sign has the capacity to create automated workflows that are triggered by status changes in SFDC.

Your sales teams can live inside Salesforce and send contracts without ever leaving the platform or changing screen. Book a demo to see it in action and find out just how much time you could save from your sales cycle.

The Vivial sales team relies on eSignatures as a critical part of the sales process, and when it needed a new solution that connected to Salesforce and Oracle, Dropbox Sign was the clear choice.

“What was refreshing about the implementation with Dropbox Sign is that it was all intuitive from a Salesforce perspective, which is what I know,” says Eric Pohlabel, Vivial’s Sr. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

“Implementation was 2X faster than our previous application. It was night and day in terms of how quickly we were up and running.”

You can find out more about our Salesforce integration on our website.

“It used to take about four weeks to get revenue-generating documents signed and completed. Now using Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ we get signed documents back 33% faster." - Everett Lynn, CEO, Amenify

3. Handling high volumes of documents

More often than not, a deal needs more than one person to sign it off. Which, when teams are dispersed and using physical contracts, creates a particularly challenging logistics puzzle to ensure a deal gets done.

But when dealing with high volumes of signature requests at the same time, productivity can drop to an all time low. Having to create, send, manage and receive back individual documents is inefficient and can cause workflow bottlenecks.

Dropbox Sign’s ‘Bulk Send with Template’ feature eliminates this challenge all together. You can send up to 250 separate signature requests using a sales contract template with a single API request. This greatly reduces admin time while boosting productivity by freeing teams to focus on more rewarding work.

The Group Signing feature also allows teams to send a document to a group of recipients where only one signature is required. By casting a wider net with such a request, it is likely to be returned completed faster, rather than having to depend on one person to respond.

4. Keep track of your contracts

Nobody likes waiting for things, especially in a sales cycle where targets, projections, and forecasts are on the line.

In a physical document workflow, once you've printed it and it's left your hands, you have little to no oversight over that document.

You may know that it's been received, but has it been opened? Has it been properly looked at? Has it been thoroughly read? Has it been signed? Has it been posted back yet?  

It's an anxiety-inducing period that simply doesn't have to happen.

Dropbox Sign provides status notifications every step of the way. Not only does our eSignature tool eradicate costly and laborious steps, but since it's a digital tool, you know exactly where the contract is, who has looked at it, and who has signed it.

This means your teams no longer have to spend precious time on admin processes like tracking down documents and chasing for signatures. Kathryn Hunt, Product Marketing lead at Vendini explains:

“We found that closing deals wasn’t the hard part of our sales cycle. It was the administrative processes that were really slowing things down.”

“It was a headache when people were ready to sign that day and were thrown into a lengthy paperwork cycle.

“We started using Dropbox Sign… and have had great success closing deals more quickly — sometimes while the sales rep is still on the phone with the prospect!”

Read the full story of how Vendini dramatically shortened its sales cycle with Dropbox Sign and improved the customer experience on our blog.

5. Audit Trail

Although an audit trail doesn't traditionally lend itself to accelerating a sales cycle, it adds a layer of security to your process, which can quell any anxiety in your prospect's mind and help mitigate potential remediation costs in the future.

Dropbox Sign's audit trails are affixed to the completed document and contain a globally unique identifier that shows which email address signed a document and when.

Records include a hash of the PDF document, which can be used to determine whether or not it has been modified or tampered with.

Our non-editable audit trails ensure every action is tracked and time-stamped, giving you irrefutable proof of access, review and signature.

6. Legally binding signatures with bank-level security

As well as comprehensive audit trails, we operate to the highest levels of security.

Security is critical to building trust with a prospect, and that trust is essential to secure a sale.

Your documents, therefore, are critically important, and we recognize they often contain highly sensitive information. To keep them secure and private, we use SSL encryption during file transit.

For storage, we utilize secure server infrastructure hosted at a state-of-the-art Tier III, SSAE-16 certified data center with ISO 27001 certification.

Ready to add Dropbox Sign to your sales process?

Book a demo with one of our solution experts, who will gladly walk you through how the product works and how we can help your organization close sales faster.

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