Pet-care platform Wag! uses Dropbox Sign to free teams from burdensome admin

Wag! is a technology platform that connects busy pet parents with pet caregivers to make it easier than ever to become a pet parent.

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How Wag! uses Dropbox Sign API

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Managing sign-ups, contracts, and renewals for two customer groups

Connecting pet parents to trusted on-demand caregiver services while setting up new pet caregivers rapidly is fundamental to Wag!’s success.


An integrated platform to rapidly activate caregivers from anywhere

A fully integrated platform allows new caregivers to sign up, undergo background checks, and start offering their services to pet parents in as little as two days.


Oversized performance from a relatively small team

Dropbox Sign’s API manages demand volume seamlessly, frees Wag!’s teams from a heavy administrative burden, and gives them more time to focus on expanding into new territories.


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Dropbox Sign integrates with Wag!’s technology stack to provide a best-in-class sign-up experience

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Pet parents can renew or extend services in just a few clicks using Wag!’s mobile application

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Accelerates Wag!’s expansion into new areas through a simple and elegant sign-up process

Company profile

Launched in 2015
Headquartered in Los Angeles
Operates services across 5,000+ cities and all 50 states
As many as 5,000 new caregivers sign up to use Wag! every month

A deeper dive with Wag!

The challenge

Connecting animal lovers through a first-class digital experience

Wag! is in the enviable business of animal wellness.

Wag! connects pet caregivers looking to build their client base with pet parents looking for caregiver services like dog walking, pet sitting, veterinary advice, and training. The on-demand, digital marketplace connects customers in more than 5,000 cities and all 50 states with hundreds of thousands of pet caregivers across America. As Dylan Allread, chief operating officer at Wag!, explains, “No one offers a truly on-demand service like we do. We power same-day pet care where, for example, someone could be stuck in traffic and book a caregiver to keep their dog company until they get home.”

Central to Wag!’s success is a positive, streamlined, and simple experience for everyone who uses its platform. With two sides of the app serving two different groups—pet parents and pet caregivers—a harmonious flow of information and data is essential.

To offer such a responsive service, the customer journeys and back-end processes need to be slick, which requires tools that can seamlessly integrate with each other. “Our digital marketplace is built on a suite of tools that are the best in their industry for that specific function and work well with partners. When you’re dealing with millions of customers, each requiring a different user journey as a caregiver or a pet parent, it’s vital these tools synchronize,” explains Dylan. “That’s why we really enjoy Dropbox Sign. It works well with other tools and has allowed us to group together the best of the best.”

That’s why, from the very beginning, Wag! chose to integrate Dropbox Sign with its Fountain database, to manage agreement workflows.

“We’ve been lucky to find such a great partner. It’s extremely hard to quantify the value that Dropbox Sign brings. It allows us to assign an agreement and distribute it to anyone, anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Whether we have people looking to sign up at the weekend, late at night, or during the week. Dropbox Sign just works, and it provides us with a timestamp, full audit trail, and boasts the level of flexibility that a seasonal business such as ours demands.”

Dylan Allread, Chief Operating Officer at Wag!
The solution

A mobile-ready marketplace with user experience at its core

Matching supply with demand in real time is a critical component of Wag!’s on-demand marketplace. This meant Wag! needed the fastest way to get both pet parents and pet caregivers onto its platform. As Dylan explains, Dropbox Sign helps make the sign-up process simple. “Using a questionnaire to test expertise and create different flows based on their responses—complete with a full background check—we’ve developed a well-oiled machine that allows our activation team to achieve some astonishing results. Dropbox Sign’s simple signature process ensures we convert quickly and bring new caregivers into the platform as fast as possible”

While a seamless sign-up experience is pivotal to attracting new users to Wag!’s growing platform, just as important is ensuring that existing caregivers can sign updated agreements efficiently. To keep pet caregivers on the platform, Wag! used Dropbox Sign’s API to simplify and speed the way they could switch or update agreements without interruption. “What’s great is the flexibility we get from using Dropbox Sign to serve all our customers,” says Dylan. “It’s not just about new pet caregiver activation, but also existing. Whenever we update agreements, it’s just as easy for our users to sign them as it is for us to create and send them.”

In an age when brand is as important to a company as the service they offer, Wag! wanted to ensure that its customers interacted with only its brand throughout every experience and that they weren’t redirected to third-party websites or unfamiliar platforms that might damage the user experience. “We see Dropbox Sign as the best-in-class solution for eSignatures, but we needed to make sure our customers still knew it was Wag!. We’ve pieced together systems to provide rapid activation and seamless renewal experiences, and being able to keep it all branded is priceless. Our customers know it’s us—it doesn’t scare anybody; it doesn’t interrupt the flow. And we don’t lose people at those critical moments of truth.” This is especially important because the majority of Wag! users access the platform through the mobile app, so sending them to new tabs or windows would result in a difficult and off-putting signing process.

Perhaps most important, by streamlining and automating its document workflows, the Wag! team has more time now to focus on building and supporting its community of pets, pet parents, and caregivers. “Dropbox Sign has freed up time that would typically need to be spent on routing, sending, tracking, housing, and reporting on our documents and agreements. What’s more, we haven’t had to increase our operations team. So Dropbox Sign has done a great job of making a tool scalable for the size of the team using it,” says Dylan.

The results

Tens of thousands of contracts managed each month

Wag!’s automated platform seamlessly manages the distribution and collection of renewal contracts for existing customers while simultaneously handling the sign-up of new users.

Easy expansion into new areas

The mobile nature of the platform makes it easy for Wag! to expand into new territories by activating potential pet caregivers through the easy-to-use digital platform.

An end-to-end branded platform minimizes support and administration time

Making every customer engagement look like Wag!, regardless of the underlying platform, has helped build trust and raised the profile of the organization. Customers know where the communications come from, they trust them, and they’re happy to complete the contracts with just a few taps in the mobile application.

The future

What’s next for Wag!

Wag!’s future is focused on optimization—that is, finding ways to reduce sign-up times for new caregivers while continuing to offer high-quality service options for pet parents. “We always look for new ways of improving the experiences of our customers, and Dropbox Sign has helped us with this. Its support teams have a ‘roll your sleeves up’ kind of attitude and are so thoughtful in how they approach any challenge we come to them with. Dropbox Sign is a fantastic partner, and we look forward to our continued growth together,”  says Dylan Allread, chief operating officer at Wag!

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Wag! is using Dropbox Sign to simplify contract management, accelerate sign-up speeds, and build differentiated customer experiences.
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