How DealMaker™ and HelloSign are Transforming the Capital Markets

DealMaker is a cloud-based platform that eliminates friction in the capital markets. Designed by veteran securities lawyers and developed by a world-class software team, DealMaker’s technology provides a seamless investor experience, eliminating headaches and subscription deficiencies.

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How Dealmaker uses HelloSign

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Gains in speed and cost savings

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72 hrs to 30 min

Average transaction completion time reduced with elimination of print, sign, scan, and review loop.

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Company profile

Founded: 2015
Global Reach: Tens of thousands of investors from 89 countries across 6 continents
Headquarters: Toronto, Canada

A deeper dive with Dealmaker

The challenge

Co-founders Mat Goldstein and Rebecca Kacaba were capital market professionals with years of investment transaction history under their belts. Before starting DealMaker, they spent thousands of hours managing the manual workflow of traditional private placement transactions. A single transaction could take upwards of 70 hours of manual complex work, requiring a professional to review, correct, and re-circulate documents. Identifying a fragmented process that was extremely time-intensive and full of errors, Mat and Rebecca founded DealMaker, a digital transaction management platform that delivers a transformative solution to the global capital markets. DealMaker automates the circulation, management, and tracking of private placement documents and funds -- accelerating the capital raising process and providing significantly better investor experiences.

“DealMaker's solution is an industry solution. Before we came along, users were doing business using a manual workflow that was costly, error-prone and resulted in tons of headaches. We entered the market to eliminate this friction and allow our customers to achieve more using digital technology.  The result is they have a much better experience overall.” - Mat Goldstein, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

When designing DealMaker, Mat and Rebecca knew that eSignature would be integral to providing a frictionless experience. They needed an eSignature solution that would embed into the DealMaker platform seamlessly and deliver users a streamlined, transparent signing experience.

“Embedding eSignature into our platform has been critical to delivering a truly transformative digital solution to the capital markets. Integrating HelloSign has sharply accelerated our business.”

Mat Goldstein
Co-Founder and CRO
The solution

Mat and Rebecca ran a comprehensive vendor search to determine which would bring the most powerful eSigning technology to the DealMaker platform. Comparing multiple solutions, HelloSign came out on top based on a few key differentiators.

“We chose HelloSign because our customers rely on a trusted authority to provide top of the market information security, a detailed tamper-proof audit and authentication trail, and visibility into the eSignature process.” - Rebecca Kacaba, CEO and Co-Founder

On top of providing top tier trust and security, a large part of the decision in choosing HelloSign was the ability to provide one streamlined process from beginning to end.

“HelloSign embedded beautifully into our platform and unlike other vendors, it didn’t require users to leave our platform, open new accounts or separately log in. HelloSign’s API helped us deliver on our mission of speed, efficiency and ease of use.” - Mat Goldstein, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

The results

Time to Funding = Reduced by 70%

Together, HelloSign and DealMaker have had a positive impact on bringing a new and fully digital experience to the capital raising process. With DealMaker and HelloSign eSignature combined, issuers close 70% faster than those using a pen and paper process.

Everyone Wins with Digital

With eSignatures powered by HelloSign, DealMaker has transformed the capital raising process, and there's no turning back. Compared to the traditional process, DealMaker and HelloSign have enabled users to reduce a 72 hour process to just 30 minutes, providing tremendous value to all parties involved in the capital raising process.

What’s Next for DealMaker?

DealMaker is the premier digital transaction management platform - delivering solutions for accelerated capital-raising, fund formation and KYC. Inside their deal portal, users benefit from enhanced reporting and engagement and detailed performance analytics - essentially a full-service CRM for capital markets transactions. Partnering with HelloSign, DealMaker is bringing a powerful solution to the global capital markets.

The future

Interested in Enjoying Results Like DealMaker? Ask us about HelloSign

HelloSign is the easiest way to send, receive, and manage legally binding eSignatures for business. Being a Dropbox company, HelloSign is trusted by millions of users around the world. Our eSignature product is a leader in the market with an award-winning API. To learn more, speak to our sales team or request a demo today.

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