7 maneiras de proteger a cultura da sua empresa por meio da mudança e do crescimento

Ultimately, culture helps employees succeed so they can help the business succeed.

A strong company culture is an environment where leadership means trust— where workers feel empowered to support their company through change and growth.

Read this guide to learn seven ways to keep your core culture strong by:

  • Prioritizing culture from the beginning with onboarding
  • Creating missions, vision, and values
  • Setting benchmarks and taking action
  • Getting feedback and encouraging communication

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In this eBook

In this eBook

Perguntas frequentes

How does company culture effect teamwork?

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A positive company culture can encourage employees to work together and support one another, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Does workplace culture help job satisfaction?

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When employees feel valued and supported by their organization, they are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and motivated to do their best work.

Can a good workplace culture help employee retention?

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When employees feel fulfilled and supported in their work, they are less likely to leave the organization, which can help reduce turnover and save on the costs of recruiting and training new employees.

Is workplace culture good for PR?

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A strong company culture can help an organization establish a positive reputation in the marketplace, which can be beneficial for attracting customers and partners.